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Background Information

Bubbles (by Medusa)

Goddess of

Love and Beauty

Physical Appearance
Eye Color

Robin Egg Blue

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Aphrodite is the goddessgirl of love and beauty. She is the most beautiful girl at MOA, and one of the most popular ones. She is starred in three books: Aphrodite The BeautyAphrodite The Diva, and Aphrodite The Fair. Her age is 10 months older than Athena, which is stated in "Persephone The Phony”, and if Artemis is the oldest of all of them, then Aphrodite's birthday may be in January or February. She has no parents, originating from sea foam.

Aphrodite has long, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, usually wears make-up, and has many different colors of chitons, but often wears the pink one. She loves matchmaking and helping mortals in love. In "Aphrodite The Diva" she made a Lonely Hearts Club, which helps mortals in love, to raise her grades.

Not surprisingly, her beauty attracts a lot of attention, especially from godboys. She has an on-and-off relationship with Ares.

In “Aphrodite The Beauty”, it mentions that she sweeps her door room floor, dusts, and puts her belongings away once a week. There are pink and red hearts all over the walls, and red fabric over her bed. She also makes her bed, which has six heart-shaped pillows. Her spare desk is changed into a makeup table, and she reads Teen Scrollazine.

Unsurprisingly, her best class is Beauty-ology, but Beast-ology is her least favorite.


Persephone and Aphrodite sit together at lunch. They are best friends, along with Athena and Artemis. Aphrodite often drags Persephone to go shopping with her, as Persephone is mostly agreeable. She and Persephone share a kitten named Adonis, which they fight over in “The Girl Games” before realizing they both can take care of him.

Athena and Aphrodite are best friends along with Persephone and Artemis. In "Aphrodite The Beauty", she gives Athena a makeover, but grows jealous because Ares flirts with her at a party. In the end, Athena and Aphrodite find out that Ares was just pretending because he wanted a city to be named after him, requesting Athena to ask her dad, Zeus.

Artemis and Aphrodite are best friends along with Persephone and Athena. Aphrodite and Artemis were going to be roommates, but Aphrodite refused to share a room with Artemis's three dogs, and ended up getting her own room. Artemis lets her use the extra closet for her overflow of clothes and accessories.

Ares is Aphrodite's current crush, who she describes in her opinion as the cutest godboy in the school. In “Aphrodite The Beauty”, she is upset that Ares seems to like Athena, but it turns out he was asking for a city to be named after him, by Athena’s dad, Zeus. She realizes that although Ares is handsome, he lacks kindness and generosity that Hephaestus has. Near the end, of the book, she and her friends play a prank and make students think Ares gave Medusa roses. Aphrodite says she doesn’t have a crush on him, but later are shown together.

The two are an on-off couple, but in "Aphrodite The Diva" he writes a love song for her and they have been together.