Aphrodite The Diva is the sixth book in the series. It was published in August 9th 2011.


Aphrodite recieves a D for hero-ology because she started the Trogan war. Mr. Cyclops tells her she can improve her grade by helping mortals. Aphrodite starts LHC: Lonley Hearts Club; mortals write to her asking advice about love. She recieves a letter from a boy named Pyg. The letter is torn in half, so it says: Lon Hea Clu Dear Goddes I am an amaz but only a mo i want to find l please help m signed, Sad boy in C You Pyg. Aphrodite and her friends go to Egypt, where they meet the Egyptian goddess of love and beauty, Isis. The letter was adressed to the love goddess, so it split in half, one half to each goddess. They help Pyg think about his love, but then he decides he loves a statue called Galeta.