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Ares is the godboy of war and the Academy's fastest runner, revealing in “Aphrodite The Beauty” that he has won footraces in every Olympic games since first grade. He is the cutest godboy in MOA, according to Aphrodite. He can shift into an eagle, shown in "Persephone The Phony".

He is currently in the band Heavens Above with Dionysus, Poseidon, and Apollo.


Although Ares may be a bully, he seems popular, hanging out with other godboys and even being in the band, Heavens Above, which include godboys Poseidon, Apollo, and Dionysus.

He is usually flanked by Kydoimos and Makhai, who participate in some of the bullying.

Ares has an on-and-off relationship with Aphrodite. In “Persephone The Phony”, he starts a fight with Hades. Aphrodite intervenes, saying she doesn’t dance with bullies. When Hades fixes the situation, saving Ares out of trouble, there is less tension between the two and Aphrodite dances with Ares.

In “Aphrodite The Beauty”, Aphrodite becomes jealous because he pays attention to Athena. It turns out that Ares just wanted a city named after him, and Athena to ask her dad, Zeus.

In “Aphrodite The Diva” he writes a song for her.