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Epimetheus is a titan godboy who visited Mount Olympus Academy with his brother, Prometheus. When he visits, he brings a box that has trouble bubbles in it, and Pandora was the only one to open it.

Appearance Edit

He had black hair side swept and gray green eyes. He wears a green toga and sandals.

Personality Edit

He appears to be kind and friendly, but also a little timid as well. He was also mad when the godboys Kydomios and Mahkai were making fun of him by calling him Dork-I-metheus. He was also mad and a little scared when the godboys kept throwing the box as a game of Keep Away. It is also shown that he has a caring side to it, when he asked Pandora if she was okay. He also likes animals, shown when he was petting the class hamster or arguing with Heracles about the lion. But it turns out that that lion was rampaging and killing mortals on earth.

Friends Edit

He doesn't have many friends other than his brother and Pandora.

Love Interest Edit

He develops a crush on Pandora when she discovers the secret to opening the box. But she liked Poseidon until the end of the book, when he holds hands with her.