Background Information

Deathboy (by Ares)

God of

the Underworld

Physical Appearance
Eye Color

Dark brown

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Hades is the godboy of the Underworld and first appears in "Persephone The Phony". He is portrayed as dark, gloomy, and does not talk a lot until he meets Persephone. Persephone is the first one to judge by his character and not the fact that he is from the Underworld. She thought that he was older than her, around fourteen years old. He has Mr. Cyclops for the last class of the day.[1]


Hades initially in the beginning of the series is a loner, before he meets Persephone. He admits that he is picked on by the other godboys, so he hangs in Principal Zeus' office, either talking or doing his homework. Mostly he skips classes, and goes to the cemetery as a refuge.

He comes out of his shell during the series, joining the school play backstage and painting sets with Persephone. [2] He also fills in for Poseidon in the band Heavens Above on the drums.[3] He acts fairly confident around Persephone, and smiles more.


When Hades attends the Harvest Hop dance with Persephone, godboys Ares and Kydoimos block the enrance to the gym door. They unwelcome him, which eventually leads to a fight. When Zeus tunes in to the commotion, Hades lies for Ares to get him out of trouble. Ares is surprised by this, and supposedly stops picking on Hades from then on.

Persephone is the first goddess who does not judge him due to the rumor of him being trouble, spread by Pheme, who sees him hanging in the Principal's office usually. Hades is fascinated with Persephone's ability to grow plants, and they become friends, as well as each other's crush. He asks her to the dance, Harvest Hop, In “Persephone The Phony”. In "The Girl Games", he coaches Persephone for the long jump.


  • Hades has a three-headed dog named Cerberus in the Underworld.
  • In "Persephone The Daring" he stands in for Poseidon on the drums in Heavens Above, and he also has his very first kiss with Persephone.