Nature's music I inspire,
with my gold, harmonious lyre.
Artemis The Brave, lyric from one of their songs

Heavens Above is a band that performs at MOA (Mount Olympus Academy) dances. There are four members in the band, occasionally five. Heavens Above was created by Apollo.



Apollo is Artemis's twin brother, and excels at music. He cannot tell a lie, being the godboy of truth and prophecies.


Poseidon is the lead drummer of Heavens Above. He has blonde hair, a fair skin tone, and blue eyes. His favorite color appears to be turquoise. Poseidon never leaves his dormroom without his trident. His roommate is Hades, godboy of the underworld. Most of the goddessgirls have a crush on him, despite the fact that he is a bit egotistical.


Dionysus is a godboy who is great at acting. He can do archery, revealed in "Artemis The Brave".


Ares is a popular godboy, but can be mean and selfish. He and Aphrodite have an on-off relationship. In the band, he can song-write, seen when he writes Aphrodite a song in "Aphrodite The Diva".


Hades is the godboy of the Underworld. He fills in as the lead drummer when Poseidon is away on an undersea expedition. He owns a chariot and a few horses, his favorite being Midnight. His roommate is Poseidon, although he owns his own house outside Tartarus. He has black hair, pale skin, and prefers to be in the shadows. Hades also has feelings for Persephone, goddessgirl of nature.


They wrote a song for the school play, called "Seventh Heaven". [1]