Background Information

Eurystheus (cousin)

Physical Appearance
Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Curly Black

Heracles is a mortal boy. He attends MOA (Mount Olympus Academy). He is described as a mortal boy with dark, curly hair, wears a lion-skin cape, and carries a big club with him. Aphrodite made cutting comments about the cape, but Heracles's friends think it is cool.

In "Athena The Wise", he had to finish twelve labors or else he'll be kicked out. He asked an Oracle if he could attend MOA, and she gave him conditions. Zeus asks Athena to help him on his labors. The twelve labors were made by his cousin, Eurystheus, who gets frightened a lot.  

His ninth labor was to win the favor of a strong woman, and he tried to do that by kissing Athena on the cheek, but she was caught on surprise . In the end, she realized she had a crush on Heracles and wove a tapestry so Heracles could stay at MOA.