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Hestia is the main character in the eighteenth book of the series “Hestia The Invisible”. She has wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. She wears a red hooded chiton. In the beginning of the book she is very shy and nobody at MOA knows her, even though she has been at the academy for a while.

Hestia likes to cook and for third period she cooks in the MOA cafeteria. she invented some of popular menu items in the cafeteria including yambrosia, and necteroni. she can make flames as her goddess talent, and does not get bothered by the cold. Hestia decided she wanted to be seen and made a lot of friends in the book. she writes her recipies in her teen scrollazine column, Hestia's home cooking.


Aglaia is Hestia's roommate and her only friend in the beginning of the book.

Asca is a lizard-tailed godboy. he has a crush on Hestia and tries to tell her she looks pretty during an awards banquet

Aphrodite became friends with Hestia when an article about her appeared in teen scrollazine. she volunteered to help her in the kitchen by taste testing dessert for the banquet, along with Ares. She also lets Hestia borrow a gold chiton for the banquet, and gave Hestia a hug whenshe found out she was a finalist in the service to humankind award.

Ms. Okto is the octopus lunch lady and has been there for Hestia since she first came to MOA.

Ms. Xena is the anteater lunch lady and Hestia's favorite lunch lady.

Pheme became friends with Hestia when she interviewed her for Teen scrollazine. they went to an ice sculpture contest together. Pheme is also her one person publicity team and advertises Hestia's new column and her cooking classes for MOA students.