Isis is an Egypian Goddess. She first appears in "Aphrodite the Diva" when Aphrodite is failing Hero-ology because she accidently started the Trojan War by making Paris and Helen fall in love with each other. Desperate to raise her grade, Aphrodite starts a lonely hearts club, a club that helps people in a love dilemma. When she gets half of a letter, she investigates in the destination of the other half of the letter-Egypt. There, she meets goddessgirl Isis and her friends. They each compete to find a match for Pgymallion, the mortal they are helping.

Character Edit


Isis can get annoyed easily, just like Aphrodite. But she is kind and loyal to her friends.


Isis has bright green eyes, usually lined with kohl, and black hair and wears a purple chiton.