Don't you get it? This isn't just a school play I've been offered on Earth. It's the big time. My name in torchlights at the Dionysia Amphitheater.
Orion to Artemis, in "Artemis The Brave"

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"O" (his shorter stage name)



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Orion Starr is a mortal actor who is very self-centered and ambitious, dreaming of becoming a star. His real name is Orio Snar, which Zeus reveals before being cut off by Orion quickly, preferring his stage name. He tricked a few students at MOA, including Artemis and Pandora, into thinking he was a god with a “GodBod” spray.


According to Artemis, Orion has pale blue eyes framed by "the longest, darkest eyelashes she'd ever seen on a boy". He is tall and buff, with blond hair that stands up in spikes. He wears a belt, with his three stars on the buckle, which are his achievements. They are Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Acting CareerEdit

On his résumé, Orion has been the lead in the play, Electra and Medea, as well as many others. He has an "artistic difference of opinion" in which he alters other actors' lines to make his character say them.

When he was offered the main lead in another play, he left Mount Olympus Academy, leaving Artemis to explain to Zeus. However, Orion returns, admitting he was booed off the stage. He asks Zeus to have his part back, but Dionysus received the role. Zeus thinks of a "special" part which Orion eagerly agrees to, and so he becomes, quite literally, a star, due to lights malfunctioning backstage.


  • He has a Maltese named Sirius.
  • He is the only character who has a known full name.
  • His belt with his awards are actually in the constellation, Orion's Belt.
  • He is known for leaving plays if a better opportunity comes along.
  • He has a résumé from the Thespian Guild of Earth.
  • When he attended MOA, his locker was two down from Artemis's.